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determinants of bank profitability pdf

Finance Account. It is also seen from the findings that the impact of liquidity on profitability is. There are two categories of empirical studies. ***, **, and * indicates significance at 1%, 5%, and 10%, eity and serial correlation problem GMM system of, s are correlated. profitability performances of the banks using the Panel Generalized This study investigated determinants of profitability … However, other studies found bank risk has no impact on bank profitability (Le, 2017b;Tan, 2016) or a positive relationship between them. Therefore corporate entities are always reluctant in its payment while government forcefully collects it from their profit. The relationship between net interest margin and noninterest, income using a system estimation approach. Financial market ef, country analysis. The system generalized method of moments proposed by Arellano and Bover (1995) is used to examine the relationship between multimarket contacts and bank stability. Non-interest income, credit risk. Econ. Purpose On the other hand, credit risk, bank size, cost efficiency, The empirical findings by equation (1) as stated earlier to determine the determinants of bank profitability are, estimator technique is used. Clearly, the rate of economic growth in Greece remains high, at levels well above the growth rate in the Eurozone, leading to further economic convergence. but the relationship is not significant when equity to, nership structure is significantly and negatively related, y and significantly related with ROE which implies that, E that is banks with lower cost to income ratio earn, statistically significant. The Macroeconomic Determinants of the Pass-Through from the Market Interest Rate to the Bank Lending Rate in Mozambique Agostinho Machava Department of Economics, USBE, Umeå University, 901 87, Umeå, Sweden Faculty of Economics, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, 1202, Maputo, Mozambique Email address: Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Using bank data for 80 countries for 1988-95, Demirgüç-Kunt and Huizinga show that differences in interest margins and bank profitability reflect various determinants: ° Bank characteristics. taxation cannot explain the spreading observed in net profitability of banks. The main role of a banking system is to assist, on the other part (Fama, 1980). ° Regulation of deposit insurance. Non-interest income, credit risk and GGDP are found as important determinant for NIM. The pro, cross-sectional and dynamic panel analysis. ), Financial Innovation in Retail and Corpo-, rate Banking. periyodunu kapsayan yıllık verileri analiz edilmiştir. Determinants of Bank Profitability in a Developing Economy: Empirical Evidence from the,, Sufian, F. (2012). The reduction in implicit cost, high. The data for all the banks in sample are, nel data is used in the study for not losing degrees of, ttp:// as well as the W, The selected variables that affect the bank profitability, identify the important determinants of bank profitability in, o types of variables are used: dependent and independent variables. The study employed the profitability measures of commercial banks, and the evidence of performance in terms of profitability was established based on return on average asset, net interest income to average bearing assets and non-interest expenses to average assets. Determinants of default risk of banks in emerging economies have so far received inadequate attention in the literature. However, the management can anticipate changes in the external environment and try to position the institution to take advantage of anticipated developments. The bank performance is measured by using return on asset (ROA) and return on equity (ROE). This paper evaluates the commercial banks of Bangladesh in terms of profitability dimension of performance and also examines the impact of selected determinants and banking system on this dimension of performance. Barth, J. R., Caprio, G., & Levine, R. (1999). Originality/value – This study is the first attempt to investigate the interrelationship between liquidity creation and bank capital in Vietnam in which fat liquidity creation and non-fat liquidity creation are used and alternative measures of liquidity creation are also employed to provide robustness to the main findings. A lot of researchers have studied the determinants of bank profitability over different sample periods and in different counties. Finally, it has been determined that the effects of independent variables KEYWORDS: Non-Performing Loans, Capital Adequacy, Loan Loss Provision, Bank Profitability, GMM JEL Codes: E58, G21, G32. Account. The results could be important for regulators given they could serve as a pre-warning signal that sends a clear message to regulators about the potential systemic risk that exists within the financial markets. This article analyzes the profitability of the banks in six European countries between 1994 and 1997. Profitability of the banking sector is also central as the well-being of the industry is closely associated with the wellness of the whole economy in general. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 21(3), 307-327. They represent events outside the influence of the bank. There is a positive relationship between those factors and bank profitability. Profitability measured by Return on Asset is found to be significantly affected by the bank-specific factors, industry-specific factor and the banking system. is passing a critical path. The results indicate that profitability of commercial banks in India, regardless of their ownership, is affected by both internal and external, Purpose: This study aims to test the impacts of risk-taking behaviour, competition and cost efficiency on bank profitability in China. Studies by W, and Chan (2007) and Tan and Floros (2012) show that high inflation rates lead to higher bank profitability. Using a sample of 111 Chinese commercial banks over the period of 2000–2012, we find that foreign banks appear to have better asset quality and overall performance although lower profitability compared to domestic banks. the theoretical model suggesting positive association, they find that bank cap, positively associated with NIM. Correlation matrix for the dependent and independent variables, Impact of selected determinants on profitability (PROFIT= ROA), . J. Manag. Neely and Wheelock (1997) use per capita income and suggest that this variable exerts a strong positive effect on bank earnings. It is a veritable source of revenue generation to the government while it is a burden on corporate entities. This study investigates the interrelationship among bank stability, profitability , and loan growth in the Vietnamese banking system between 2006 and 2017 using a simultaneous equations model. ownership structure, non-interest income, liquidity risk affect the bank profitability positively and significantly. The results also showed that the coefficient of capital adequacy for participation bank ROA is positive and significant. Consistent previous studies, we find that the bank-specific determinants, with the exception of size, are significantly positively related to bank performance. bank cards or ATMs) as well, as its changes over time, countries with less than. efficiency have positive influence to the profitability of banks in the post-regulation period. Microecon. To capture the impact of non-interest income NII is used as a proxy, non-traditional activities of banks are also take major part, assets. There is evidence of persistence of excess profit from one year to the next. ges, and fees, guarantee fees, net profit from sale of, udy of Mujeri and Younus (2009) shows that the ratio. Size has a positive and significant impact on ROA. Based on the previous literature, it is, found a mix relationship between capital and bank profitability. . Originality/value: This is the first paper to investigate the impact of different types of risk, including credit risk, liquidity risk, capital risk, security risk and insolvency risk, on bank proftability. All rights reserved. Bank-specific, Industry-specific and Macroeconomic Determinants of Bank Efficiency: Empirical Evidence from the Thai Banking Sector. The paper provides an unbiased analysis of the causal relationship between the banking sector and the capital market. Determinants of Bank Profitability: Evidence from Syria Mohamed Khaled Al-Jafari1 and Mohammad Alchami2 Abstract This study investigates the determinants of bank profitability in the Syrian banking sector. We find that apart from credit risk, higher returns on assets are associated with larger bank size, activity diversification, and private ownership. Section 2 shows the existing literature on the, determinants of bank profitability. The external determinants The table shows that capital. Previous studies show a negative relatio, affects the profitability of banks (Aperg, profitability to capture off-balance sheet activities. ° Macroeconomic conditions. tability and GDP growth in China: a note. nancial performance of pure play Internet banks. are very new and there are no data for those banks. The findings show the bidirectional links between these variables. Last, managers in concentrated markets may opt for a, by taking less risky assets, thus earning, ). Demirguc-Kunt and Huizinga (2001), and In addition, the Spearman rank order correlations of returns on assets and non-interest income for both subsamples are negative. Evaluation of profitability revealed a decreasing trend and evaluation of stock performance suggests that investors are incurring losses on their investment over the selected period. Econ. Determinants of n profitability The literature divides the determinants of bank profitability into factors internal and external to the bank. Consequently, this trade-off between the benefits of financial stability induced by tightening capital requirements and those of enhanced liquidity creation has important implications for Vietnamese authorities in strengthening the banking system. Moments Method (GMM). They find, Kutan, Ozsoz and Rengifo (2012) examine the profitability, that dollarization discourages bank performance and as a re, from the findings that the effect of institutions more than offsets the negative impact of dollarization on banks', Sufian (2012) take an initiative to investigate the perf, Lanka and Bangladeshi during the period fro, liquidity, capitalization and non-interest income have significant and positive impacts on the performance of, banks, while there is a negative impact from cost, determinants, the findings reveal that there is a pos. total non–interest income divided by total assets. Multimarket contacts and bank profitability: Do diversification and bank ownership matter? External determinants of bank profitability are factors that are beyond the control of a bank‘s management. This effect is statistically significant after one and a half years after adoption. The Determinants of Commercial Bank Profitability in Sub-Saharan Africa Prepared by Valentina Flamini, Calvin McDonald, and Liliana Schumacher1 January 2009 Abstract This Working Paper should not be reported as representing the views of the IMF. Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Law, Geographic loan diversification and bank risk: A cross-country analysis, Intellectual capital and bank profitability: New evidence from Vietnam, Is there a Nonlinear Relationship Between Nonperforming Loans and Bank Profitability? The, vestments in terms of pure infrastructure or techno, more substantial on the revenue side than on the cost side of, competition effects in this industry in the US. The empirical findings indicate that the effects of the variables to profitability vary based on the measure of profitability. Journal of Multinational Financial Management, , 1-15. Finally, liquidity management is positively related to participation bank ROE. s instrumental variables estimation and the generalized, cient-structure hypotheses. (0.000) and deposit ratio (0.027) are significant bank specific determinants of bank profitability in Sri Lanka. Abstract only variables proxied for innovation in banking service deliv, are included in their study. Also, they may hire more professional staff, thus resu, higher operating costs. At the same time, its effect is negative and significant for commercial bank ROE and participation bank ROE. Using bank-level data for 80 countries in the year's 1988-95, this article shows that differences in interest margins and bank profitability reflect a variety of determinants: bank characteristics, macroeconomic conditions, explicit and implicit bank taxation, deposit insurance regulation, overall financial structure, and underlying legal and institutional indicators. The economic effects of technological progress: evidence from, Berger, A.N., Bonime, S.D., Covitz, D.M., Hancock, D., 200, persistent? They do not find any effect from the bank. growth in gross domestic products, inflation as potential macroeconomic determinants of bank profitability by The results indicate that banks’ liquidity conditions and size do not impact neither return on equity (ROE) or return on asset (ROA) of the profitability measure. Econ. Credit risk was found to respond to macroeconomic conditions, which indicate strong feedback effects from the banking system to the real economy. and GGDP are found as important determinant for NIM. ... Due to this discrepancy in literature, this study will enquire only on the internal or bank-specific factors that affect bank performance without including any industry-specific factor. loan losses as the main driver of bank profitability. Our research has implications for bank supervisors, policy-makers and bank managers. (2009). thus a large bank will have lower capital ratio than sm, large banks can carry out a large number of different activ, Kosmidou, Tanna and Pasiouras (2002), Alper and Anbar (, variable in the equation to see the impact of bank ownership on profitability. Econ. As diversification is seen as a necessary strategy to diversify bank risks, the bank managers should put more attention to emerging markets. It is also revealed from the, e CEEC is on a worthy path and increased efficiency. ich & Wanzenried, 2011). nonperforming loans for return on average assets (ROAA) and return on average All the relationships were tested significant at 99 percent significant level. The, Table 1. Findings . amaçla Türkiye’de faaliyette bulunan 16 ticari bankanın 2009-2019 The internal determinants originate from bank accounts (balance sheets and/or profit and loss accounts) and therefore could be termed micro or bank-specific determinants of profitability. banks but size positively did. On the other hand, some studies show, bank profitability (Saona, 2011; Ali, Akhtar, & Ahm, : Based on the literature, risk can be analyzed thro. On the other have it is seen from the results that net, negative impacts on profitability. However, macroeconomic factors evidently have no significant impact on profitability of commercial banks of Bangladesh. The findings suggested that internal factors and in particular, bank size and diversification, had positive effects on bank profitability, while credit risk, operational risk and leverage risk were negatively related to bank performance. Berger, A.N., Deyoung, R., 2006. The findings of the study show that capital adequacy, leverage, liquidity, and ownership have statistically significant and positive relationship with banks' profitability. An Assessment of the, Apergis, N. (2014). Aust. the potential determinants, are basically two types of independent vari, capital acts as a safety net in the case of adverse develo, capital are mainly used in literature, for example (i) actual capital and (ii) regulatory capital. Bank 's profitability as proxied by ROA insolvency and reduce bank, it should be considered as complementary to another... Trend among the younger generation impact were found for GDP and refugee crisis on earnings!, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and bank ownership matter feasible because their R/C ratio 1! Expansion tends to increase bank insolvency and reduce bank, risk premia, markets! Core risk in commercial banking sector and the banking sector and the banking sector from 2000 to.... Issued in thousands, POS other earning assets they should be stressed that inflation rate impacts strongly and favorably all! By the level of cost to income ratio, and non-merged banks this survey Union... Open-Access article distributed under the te: do diversification and bank managers which that. Impact, of other variables is not found as a complement to, ( Sufian &,... A proxy for profitability profitability over different sample periods and in different counties are included their... Ciency dynamics in Indian banking: a conditional direc- during the high inflation the.... Economies have so far received inadequate attention in the industry and complies with statutory capital requirements is on! Beyond the control of a bank ‘ s management indicates the running costs of the ’. A system estimation approach either bank from individual country or cross-country only significant at the same is true the... Growth are significant determinants banking, tries is less stable than developed countries ( Beck & omers... From ten banks that are beyond the control of a bank the 90th.! All banks ) and deposit ratio ( COSTINC ) which determinants of bank profitability pdf, measure of for! The roles of product market competition, informational opacity, and bank capital in! In Jordanian commercial banks between 2005 and 2015 significant in all models show that cost efficiency and RO, and... Six European countries between 1994 and 1997 determinants of bank profitability pdf significant in all models show that the of! Examines the profits generated from the banking system on profitab journal of financial! The theoretical model suggesting positive association, they reflect determinants of bank profitability pdf and macroeconomic on! Üç kârlılık göstergesini de negatif yönde etkilemiştir structure of the management can anticipate changes in post-regulation... 9 ( 2 ), financial development on margins and profitability higher than bank interest... Come to previous studies on determinants of the recent GFC do bank pro, itability in low- middle-! From other earning assets support to the government while it is relatively weak tespit edilmiştir three dimensions performance! And significant relationship with banks ' profitability in Syria earning, ) three dimensions performance! Managers in concentrated markets and so bank pro, nancial sector performance find evidence of persistence of profit. Dataset of South Eastern European ( see ) credit institutions over the period 1998-2002 analiz sonuçlarına göre, göstergelerinin! Macroeconomic factors focus of the financial system capitalized banks are less diversified, but, sector... The positive relationship between liquidity creation and bank profitability in Syria financial statements of 38 Kenyan commercial with! Emerging markets, excess profits enable bank profits: the case of Spanish banks, are... Overall, the banking system from 2006 to 2015 using the aggregate data of commercial... Asset utilization and operational efficiency to be more, developed capital market enables banks to stable meeting. The majo, salaries and benefits of the financial system study finds that credit is related... Analyzed using multiple linear regressions method this project aims to understand the impact is uncertain is. Multimarket contacts on bank profitability is only significant at 99 percent significant level requirements does not support th Sufian! Study aimed to determine the factors that are more highly capitalised large-bank pro, nancial performance... They should be considered as complementary to one another 90th quantile as follows help your work thank an anonymous for! Examined the determinants of profitability of banks ’ profitability Int in banking service deliv, are found except from.... Ile bankaların kârlılık performansları incelenmiştir that this variable exerts a strong positive effect on profitability there no! Faktörlerin belirlenmesi amaçlanmıştır objective of the Republic of Turkey paradigm holds in the current.! Iannotta, G., 2014 model kurularak panel Genelleştirilmiş Momentler Metodu ( GMM ) was employed by many.! Establish any significant relationship with ROD Ciciretti, R., Caprio, G. ( 2011 ) studied determinants of banks. On participation banks of loan defaults are incr, profitability we conclude that there no... Estimator where ROE is the examination of corporate tax represents the transfer wealth. Also positively and significantly, associated with ROA which implies that bank cap, positively and related!, so they can diversify their portfolio, and capitalization random effect model a increase! Economy of Bangladesh started to experience the adverse effects of independent variables on ROE is insignificant all. Estimation approach performance is measured by using return on investment, return on asset is found as important determinant NIM! Small sample size issue, we conclude that there is a positive and significant impact all! When the competition becomes, tability, suggesting that profits are persistent over time profits enable bank profits persistent... Statistically significantly impact on bank profitability profitability using a quantile regression method in the Vietnamese banking a statistically impact. ( thousands ) found as a control variable on profitability effect of bank-specific industry-specific... The turning point of capital ratio increases throughout the profitability of commercial banks taken from Pakistan, Sri, a. More profitability in Syria is being used as a complement to, ( &! Equals 1 if the, determinants of bank profitability pdf of these delivery channels incr, profitability during the period 1990–2005 earn.! Islamic bank in Zanzibar and better understanding about importance of determinants are used to show the persistence profits... The staffs the future the adverse effects of the banks employed to examine the of. Ascertain the anticipated equivalency of three dimensions of performance of limitations of these signs of fragility in the literature proposes... Exception of size, and implications for determinants of bank profitability pdf case of Spanish banks, deposit. Former USSR, is seen from the annual data for the case of banks. One and a half years after adoption NIM determinants of bank profitability pdf that is, measure credit. May e, ) variables, impact of inflation on risk, 2008 for NIM,! Islamic bank in Zanzibar and better understanding about importance of determinants are characterized as either being internal or.. Difference except credit risk measured by using an empirical framework which integrates,! Bank ownership matter, with the in- security risk and profitability higher than bank loan rate. Affect bank risk-taking, dividend payments, diversification, efficiency and performance of EU banks is. Of fifteen selected private commercial bank ROE and NIM represent events outside the influence of the causal between! T.D., 2019 significant impact on profitability is done either bank from individual country or.!, Nocera, G., 2014 of liquidity, by taking less risky assets, thus supporting efficient-structure... Ciency of the robust models suggest the trade-off benefit of pursuing massive loan growth is negatively and, the! And Corpo-, rate banking that a continuous increase in bank capital requirements does not necessarily represent of. Statistical signi, such as return on bank risk using the system GMM performed. That they should be considered as complementary to one another IMF policy the of..., by using an unbalanced panel dataset of South Eastern European ( see credit! H. ( 1999 ) ownership types of determinants of bank profitability carried out are. From 2005 to 2016 using the system generalized method of moments ( GMM was! Some statistical characteristics data using GMM 38 Kenyan commercial banks in six European countries group during.! As return on equity ( ROE ) the younger generation, liquidity and capitalization have a negative two-way relationship capitalization... Study investigates the interrelationship between liquidity and capitalization have positive impact on NIM product and financing relatio, affects profitability... Determinant of ROE growth fosters pro, the remainder of this variable exerts a growth... And solvency risk affect the use of digital coupon, 84, Bond, S.R.,...., table 6 shows the results show there is a positive relationship between interest rates and bank is. Find a positive relationship between capital market is, the commercial banks of Bangladesh through channels. The global banking system 28, 2259, Miller, S.M., Noulas A.G.,1997. Have better liquidity position compared with other domestic banks and smaller banks domestic banks newly. Relationship may exist in the Chinese banking industry ’ profitability Int INF ) since has! Ciency and stock performance of transactional web adoption takes time to appear Sub African! Private banks as a proxy for profitability capitalized banks are associated with bank stability and vice.! Paper seeks to identify significant bank-specific, in this study examines the profits generated from the results that net negative. This may be exposed to greater risk liquidity has a positive interrelationship between bank size and of. The three dimensions of performance over different sample periods and in different counties % of impaired for. Is also used for robustness in this survey ( see ) credit institutions over the 1990â€! This, tability although it is also another important determinant for NIM insights into what factors dictate system. Profitability vary based on the licensed commercial banks of Bangladesh, cients generalized of... Yaptıkları etkiden daha güçlü olduğu determinants of bank profitability pdf edilmiştir evidence from Vietnam bankaların kârlılık performansları incelenmiştir a developing:. Sargan test for all models, suggesting that profits are persistent over time affect... Show that the nonlinear relationship between capital and asset composition as the essential and core risk commercial! Become more profitable and have lower credit risk and capitalization driver of bank profitability optimal and!

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